Welcome Your New Members

Below is a sample of our New Member Welcome email. Our PWA Sponsors send out this email (or one like it) whenever a new member signs up in their downline.


Hello Friend,


I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, my name is [Your Name], and I’m your sponsor in All In One Profits and the Profit With AIOP Team. These are the easy steps to get set up in AIOP and on our Team.

  1. Check out our Team website: ProfitWithAIOP.com   
  2. Be sure to set up your AIOP rotator and our PWA Shared Campaign as explained in videos under “Getting Started”.
  3. Get set up with our Team Newsletter… https://aiopsplashbuilder.com/splash.php?id=57613   

Take your time and get set up right. If you need any help you can ask me or Contact Us on the Team website. Again, congratulations on taking action, and welcome to the Ieam. I look forward to working with you.


[Your Name]
[Your Email Address]